NEW Lotus by Ten Mile Creek

Ten Mile Creek Nursery is proud to introduce the following lotus:


The Little Princess Series:

Princess Abby Princess Kennedy Princess Harper Princess Ellen
Princess Abby Princess Kennedy Princess Harper Princess Ellen

Princess Abby of Ten Mile Creek
- versicolor, small, single

Princess Kennedy of Ten Mile Creek - white, medium, single
Princess Harper of Ten Mile Creek - red, medium-small, single
Princess Ellen of Ten Mile Creek - pink, medium, multi-petal


The Old South Collection

High Cotton  Heavens to Betsy  Sugar Pie Pink  Shoot Fire 
 High Cotton  Heavens to Betsy  Sugar Pie Pink  Shoot Fire




High Cotton - pure white, large, multi-petal

Heavesns to Betsy - red, large, multi-petal
Sugar Pie Pink - pink, medium to large, multi-petal
Shoot Fire - brilliant red, medium, single

These lotus were grown from randomly hybridized seed:


Bold Protector   Cranberry Kiss Deacon DeGarmeaux  Blushing Bride    Jeannie's Smile
 Bold Protector  Cranberry Kiss  Deacon DeGarmeaux  Blushing Bride  Jeannie's Smile
 Pinkalicious  Sing Birdie Sing  Sun on Snow  Peppermint Pink  DaBear
 Pink-a-licious  Sing, Birdie, Sing  Sun on Snow  Peppermint Pink  DaBear

Bold Protector
- brilliant red, medium-small, single

Cranberry Kiss - white with pink tips, large, single
Deacon Degarmeaux - red, very large, single
Blushing Bride - pink, large, multi-petal
Jeannie's Smile - pink, large, single
Pink-A-Licious - pink, large, single
Sing, Birdie, Sing - white with pink tips, small, single
Sun on Snow - white, medium-large, single
Peppermint Pink - pink with striations, small, single
DaBear - red, large, multi-petal

We are currently gathering the data necessary to have these lotus recognized by the International Registar for Nelumbo nucifera.


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