Pink Lips

Fen Chun

Nelumbo nucifera



Yum! Edible seeds and tubers

Exclusively found at Ten Mile Creek Nursery and boasting spectacularly large blooms,
'Pink Lips'
 was hybridized by Daike Tian, PhD, Horticulture, when he was a student at Auburn University. 'Pink Lips' needs lots of space but it will be the focal point of your water garden! It is a dependable bloomer and one of our favorite large lotus here at Ten Mile Creek because of its wonderful color and huge, huge flowers! This lotus works well with shorter lotus placed in front of it for a layered effect. 'Pink Lips' produces large pods filled with seeds that provide a tasty treat!


Flower Color: Versicolor
Plant Size: Large
Flower Type:  Single


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